Welcome to the Website of the 7thCHanalysis 2023

The Division Analytical Sciences (DAS) of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) is organizing CHanalysis, a meeting of Swiss analytical scientists on a yeary basis. 

The goal of this two-day conference series is to stimulate a stronger interaction among persons working in different areas of analytical sciences. Scientists from applied and fundamental research, from industry, education, and regulation are welcome.

The event starts on Wed, March 28, 2023, at 18.00h and ends on Fri, March 31, 2023, at 15.00h.

Topics of the Sessions

  • Analytical tools in diagnostics: Quo vadis?
  • Geoanalysis & Environmental Analysis
  • Challenging food contaminant analytics
  • Industrial and Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Data Processing in Analytical Chemistry
  • Advanced Spectroscopy

Confirmed Speakers
  • Yury Tsybin, Spectroswiss
  • Marc Pfeifer, HESSO
  • Andreas Riedo, Uni Bern
  • Simon Lobsiger, Metas
  • Dorina Kotoni, Novartis
  • Luc Patiny, EPFL
  • Paolo Nanni, FGCZ

Meeting Chairs

Dr. Davide Bleiner
Empa, Dübendorf

Prof. Eric Bakker
University of Geneva

Prof. Stefan Schürch
University of Bern

Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92